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A sustainable Arctic: Making hard decisions

2020-10-15 · London Mining Greenland A/S (previously owned by the British company London Mining Plc., who sus-pended its payments in 2014; London Mining Greenland A/S is now owned by the Hong Kong– based company General Nice Development Limited) for an area covering 290 km2 at Isukasia (Isua) in West Greenland, with a license period from 2013 to

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2020-9-10 · panies, but the benefits from the easy access to geoscience data are also open to academic researchers. It is the plan ... tion and Mining in Greenland 22, 12 pp. Riisager, P., Pedersen, M., Jørgensen, M.S., Schjøth, F. & Thorning, L. 2011: DODEX – Geoscience documents and data for exploration in

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2021-6-15 · Grupo Mexico''s mining division is the largest copper producer in the country. 2020 marked a year of record copper production for the company despite the global coronavirus crisis.


2016-2-23 · The Greenland Benchmarking Report 2016 opens with an analysis of Greenland''s macroeco-nomic conditions, followed by an assessment of the business environment in the country. The report also includes special theme chapters about the mining, fishing and tourism sectors in Greenland.

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2017-8-27 · dimensions, Greenland, Mining, Arctic Introduction In recent years, Greenland has attracted global attention as a frontier region of the Arctic for development of mineral and hydrocarbon resources (Nuttall, 2012). Similar to other Arctic economies, the industrial structure in Greenland is dominated by fish-


2016-9-22 · 1998 annual report q&a oabout urbusiness are our w cust ho omers? - noranda mining and exploration inc. - gold corp inc. - bhp minerals canada ltd. - teck corporation - placer dome inc. - asarco incorporated - phelps dodge corporation - inco limited - barrick gold corporation - hudson bay mining and smelting - rio algom limited - western mining …

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Greenland Mining and Minerals Brochure . is a digital publishing platform ..., as is uranium and rare earth ... about 160 kilometres south of the capital Nuuk. Permitting has been a good process as ... Inquire Now; Greenland opens way for mining boom KATU.

First Ruby Mine in the Arctic

2016-2-16 · Greenland on a Top-20 list out of the 500 most important oil regions in the world. Greenland is also a real treat for oil com-panies, because of the stable conditions of our neighbours in terms of politics and legislation. Despite the favourable conditions, long-term prospects for oil exploration in Greenland have become even more distant. The

How Are Rare Earth Minerals Mined

2019-8-28 · The story of rare earth elements rees chart china s rare earth monopoly is rare earth minerals caught in chinese u unted rare earths deposits worldwide factbox rare earths s under Rare Earth Minerals Power The World But Mining Leaves Local And Global Footprints In Land GreenbizDon T Panic About Rare Earth Elements Scientific AmericanAbandoned… Read More »

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2013-6-4 · Mineral resource activities in Greenland, i.e. the pro-specting, exploration and the exploitation of minerals, are handled mainly by the international mining and exploration industry. A few local companies in Greenland also are active in mineral exploration and mining activities. 1.1. Organisation and division of work in the mineral industry

NunaMinerals A/S: a new Greenland minerals company

2020-9-8 · GREENLAND MINERAL EXPLORATION NEWSLETTER Greenland MINEX News No. 16 March 1999 The governments of Denmark and Greenland agreed at the end of last year to a restruc-turing of Nunaoil A/S. The result is two com-panies, viz. Nunaoil A/S and NunaMinerals A/S, so designed to deal respectively with petroleum and mineral activities. Nunaoil

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2020-9-10 · panies; each with specific knowledge on rel-evant aspects of the Greenland geology or expertise in magmatic deposit processes. After a geological presentation and discus-sion, the members of the assessment panel made their individual estimates (bids) of the number of undiscovered depos its they be - lieved could be found under the best circum-

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Mining and Communities

2017-2-15 · Mining and Communities: Understanding the Context of Engineering Practice ... panies and their ability to do so. Mining can be associated with the extraction of metals such as iron ore, copper, gold, or nickel, or with crystals such as diamonds, but it also includes the extraction of sand, gravel, clay, ce - ... Mongolia, Siberia, and Greenland ...


2019-8-31 · Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors (appointed by the Government of Greenland) since 2014. Has been chairman of the board for a period in 2018. Educational background: Commercial training. Current career: Managing director/ CEO, P/F Poul Hansen. Also holds other directorships in com-panies in the Faroe Islands.

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2011-1-1 · It can be estimated that about 530–800 t of rare earth resources have been mined. The proved rare earth reserve of China was 43 million tons. So the residue of rare earth reserve should be 3 500–3 770 t. If the deposit in Vietnam is included, the proportion of China rare earth reserve will be reduced to 32.72% [2] .

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2021-9-14 · The mining industry is rapidly changing in the current economic climate. Check out the latest articles in the feed below. Many of these metals and materials are crucial to the functioning of the ...


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2018-11-23 · For mining projects in Greenland, either the European standard using a L/S of 2 (EN 12457-1) or the Canadian using a L/S of 3 is generally recommended. A L/S of 2 or 3 (as op posed to a L/S of 10 ...

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2020-2-6 · reserves. India, Canada, Greenland, and a few other countries also have appreciable quantities of rare-earth minerals. In the 1990s, China''s low production costs rapidly deflated rare-earth prices, driving many non-Chinese mining and processing operations out of business. Mo-s hutt E rsto C k (all) Common Chemicals

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panies active in Greenland. But Nunaminerals is different in two respects. The company''s historic and symbolic significance. The only two active mines in the last 25 years – the Nalunaq gold mine and the Seqi olivine mine – are both Nunaminerals projects. The company was responsible for discovering and

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2020-7-14 · Golden Opportunities: 20 Junior Mining Companies To Keep An Eye On As Gold Spikes. Gold surged late last week up to a high of $1,411.89! After the initial announcement from the Fed on Wednesday that saw spot price take an …

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Infrastructure and mining services in Greenland. 2 Civil engineering work: • Mining service • Geotechnical investigations • Airports ... panies within the plumbing and sewage industries ... partners in Greenland, Canada, Den-mark or Iceland. We have inhouse knowledge of geo-